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This body of work was primarily concerned with examining relationships. Through the use of colour, shape and texture, I was endeavouring to make the areas in between objects and figures as interesting to the viewer as the objects and figures themselves. I was intrigued by the question of whether things end at their outlines. If they extend further, then how much further? By raising these types of questions, I hoped to engage viewers in an exploration of separateness and communion in everyday life.

While I started out by examining solitary mundane activities, which I called the Hygiene Series, I went on to address semi-private interactions (two people hugging) as well as groups of individuals in public settings (an audience clapping). These were all explorations of the tension between the private and public self.

Formally, this body of work addressed ideas of interaction through the inclusion of a variety of surface treatments. I was interested in the ways in which the integration of a variety of paint application can inform the content of a painting.